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Our initial design system is on penpot (anyone with a penpot account can comment on it ๐Ÿ˜Š...
+User_Experience hi Ivan, thanks for sharing the mockups. I really like them. You are doing a great job! Here some feedback:
  • It would be nice to have "profile pics" for the topics to be assigned by the topic creator or admin.
  • On "My feed" and it applies to other views too: I find the quoted publication (that one in light grey letters) to be too predominant. In my opinion, it could be reduced to one line including username plus text with and expand button at the end. This way the attention will be more on the current publication I am reading.
  • On "Profile" I guess Position could be replaced by Location?
  • In the compose prompt, should we have an icon in front of the word "Public"?
  • I am thinking about the tasks and how they could be shown. At the moment, they are hard to grasp because the list view does not really help to identify what is coming soon. Maybe some color coded "due in 3 days" tag would help. Something like that.