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It's our #birthday! Ethical Revolution is 🔟 today and YOU are invited to the party! 🥳

My perfect present would be you joining me on my challenge of ‘26 Steps to a Better Tomorrow’. 🎁

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Visit my #Pixelfed profile (pixelfed.social/ethicalrev) to see the full album of what I got up to in #London yesterday after Kaleidoscope Festival at Ally Pally was cancelled at last minute due to the winds... 💨🍃

Professor in epidemiology at King’s College London, Tim Spector is a leading expert on #nutrition and #guthealth. He recommends we eat THIRTY different plants a week. Sounds a lot doesn’t it?! In my latest video I show how more than half of that can be easily achieved in one normal breakfast:



Happy #PrimeDay ! Let’s all celebrate by buying cheaply made crap that won’t last very long from one of the least ethical companies on the planet. 👍

Woo, I 🧡 treating workers like shit 🥳
I support tax avoidance 🤑
I’d never dream to #BoycottAmazon 💭

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