@silverpill yes they had that site in the torrent but no link to a fedi profile, even checked search engines, so thanks.....how far along was #glutplug? they wrote:

>"Fediverse needs help to be stay decentralised as it scales. Using large CDNs to host fediverse content brings us back to Big Tech and brings us back to being dot-'conned'. Please consider a proposal we call #GlutPlug, whereby those who post, like and boost media can become the sharers of said content over a mixnet, preferably I2P. See #GlutPlug on fediverse for more on the idea."

I'd be interested in helping theproject anyways.

Been seeing this emoji around the place, made by a "dsfgs" and published over i2p torrent, but i'm unable to find them nor a hashtag #glutplug which apparently talks about decentralizing content delivery on fedi, something i support.

anyway I just really like the emoji can anyone see the person who made it?

boosts will help, thanks

(image: a pink blue and green fediverse emoji that looks like a butterfly)