Trying out #bonfire. My current exposure to federated social networking has revolved around Mastodon and PixelFed, so I'm curious what bonfire offers. Seems to be able to build more granular communities than "My server" and "Everyone else", which is encouraging
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Here is some #bonfire_feedback.

I know it's some kind of alpha-early-access-testing instance but here we are:

  • Received the activation email more than 30min after signing up
  • Default lang was Catalan even if my web browser & entire OS is in English
  • Uploading profile picture needed a reloading of the page to show the new image
  • I didn't wanted to activate 2FA/TOTP when signing up but now I cannot find where to do it on the settings

Otherwise, looks very good. I love the refreshing UI. I'll need some time to explore and adapt to the UX but it's perfectly normal at this point.

I do hope your work will continue with in mind the non-technical users. Ultimately that's what will make #bonfire succeed, or not. 💕

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Shinra replied
· 4 months ago
@Shinra Bonsoir, toujours un plaisir de voir plus de gens qui découvre Bonfire...
hello, merci pour l'accueil. En fait j'ai vu un tray sur #mastodon qui parlait de #bonfire et notamment les aspects "cercles" / aspects plus ou moins publics des messages… du langage utilisé, de la fédération…etc…


Sans véritablement en comprendre la mise en œuvre et surtout l'expérience "usager"

Il y a donc un paquet de choses à fouiller pour moi… et j'aime ça généralement ^^

Et tenter l'expérience me semble la meilleure des choses pour percevoir la réalité des choses 😄

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Buongiorno a tutti!

Sono molto curioso di seguire l'evoluzione di #bonfire e perciò ho deciso che il modo migliore di farlo fosse... farlo da dentro l'istanza.

Finora ho notato un ambiente grafico che, per quanto acerbo, è molto gradevole, funzionale e accogliente.

Sono un utente #mastodon molto attivo e amministro un'istanza #lemmy e un'istanza #friendica; proprio in quanto utente friendica sono molto interessato a come viene implementata la funzione delle cerchie di Bonfire.


Good morning everyone!

I am very curious to follow the evolution of #bonfire and therefore I decided that the best way to do it was ... do it from inside the instance.

So far I have noticed a graphic environment which, despite its very young age, is very pleasant, functional and welcoming.

I am a very active #mastodon user and I administer a #lemmy instance and a #friendica instance; just as a friend user I am very interested in how the Bonfire circles function is implemented.

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