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This sounded like an interesting idea, simple, but i'm not sure Ive come across it before.

I havent thought it through much and possibly activitypub wouldn't play nice? Still thought bonfire folks may be interested

you should be able to delete their replies. Maybe the toot would still exist on their profile, but it’d be completely severed from your original toot so your followers don’t have to see it.




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· 5 months ago
@Azuredusk10 wow this is so great, thanks for putting so much thoughts on it 😍 😍


@Azuredusk10 @bonfire @fediverse @ivan

Having worked on a lot of projects with low/no budget, particularly at their beginning, I wonder if a good 'solidarity' support structure could be designed?

Im thinking free to get going, with some explanation of resources required to keep it going and requests for contributions.

Maybe some easy way for the hoster to have good visibility into resource usage and to trigger requests - that could optionally go out to the instance 'admin' and/or their users (give the admin some choices)

Also have some clearly defined streams for regular contributions where you may then avoid requests

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I was in my 30's when Max Headroom debuted as a series in the U.S. Like the world of this video essay, I saw more promise than was ultimately realized but always harbored a fond memory of the things about Max Headroom that worked, even if they were never used to their greatest effect.

With today's tech and a greater clarity of satiric intent I believe Max Headroom could effectively satirize the current moment...

[On Max Headroom: The Most Misunderstood Joke On TV](https://yewtu.be/watch?v=GsDrXc94NGU)​

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