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Use case for circles and boundaries?

I have been trying to understand Flexible boundaries because it seems to be the most visible feature related to Circles in current discussions here.

But I might be more interested in Circles. Any direct doc focused on Circles?

Here's what I want to do:

A group of Bonfire users decide they want to create a new organization of some kind. They select one or more of their group to be the coordinators to form the new organization, and they post invitations to wannbe participants in the new org.

A wannabe participant sends a request with their identity to one of the coordinators. The coordinator then either adds the wannabe participant to the Circle and informs the participant of their new Circle membership, or sends the wannabe participant a link (which could be an capability) whereby they can add themselves.

From there, the participants use the Circle as a virtual group environment to decide what to do in their new group.

Does that seem like it might work? Is it something you had in mind for Circles?

in UX: Flexible boundaries
I looked around for awhile and came to a very tentative conclusion that boundaries are for creating...
Wait wait I think I got that wrong. You assign the named boundaries to a post, like this one, and that says what people can do with that post?

Or am I still missing the point. Will got back to studying the docs....I think I continue to confuse boundaries and circles....