also, i'm curious about how lightweight Bonfire is. Like can it run on a very low config ? Does it uses a lot of resources both on back and front end ? #sustainabledesign

i'll go and search the website but still asking here just in case 😬

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Guérin replied
· 6 months ago
@guerin thanks! I wonder if there's a way to address the mobile keyboard when itìs open, so that the...
@ivan i genuinely don't know how, but i'm pretty sure it's doable since i've used different apps that manage that.

can't help you on the tech side of this tho, sorry :(

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Hey there. Been a little while.

I notice the menu is now at the bottom of the screen on mobile, #melikey

Thet right-align icons under posts are strange at first but handy for the right-handed i am. Guess lefties won't appreciate tho.

Kinda strange to see "X followed Y" on local timeline but in the end it's a good idea to discover new people to follow.

On the bad news : i can't see what i'm typing past a certain amount of text. Like rivht now i dont' see what i'm typing. Might be some typos then^^

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