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Trivio, Formia

Is is possible to safely implement viewing my account balance, my partner’s, and the household global balance on Bonfire, i.e. by using ActivityPub? <span class="h-card"><a class="u-url mention" data-user="@BonfireBuilders" href="https://playground.bonfire.cafe/pub/actors/BonfireBuilders" rel="ugc">@BonfireBuilders</a></span> <a class="hashtag" data-tag="bonfire_feedback" href="https://playground.bonfire.cafe/hashtag/bonfire_feedback" rel="tag ugc">#bonfire_feedback</a>

yeah that's something I'd like to work on in the next future, a kind of federated kakebo

yeah we're currently using <a href="https://quilljs.com/" target="_blank">quill</a> as our default rich text editor, which is not really good to render or convert from / to markdown.<p>Thinking to replace it with a md first editor (like prosemirror)</p>


It seems that the uploaded images are not displayed well - they cannot be enlarged to their original size in the webUI, nor can they be opened in a new tab (that would be downloaded as a file).

@dimlau thanks, noted down here