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@bonfire @ivan No, "redacting" as "hiding the post contents but keeping the metadata to keep the flow in the conversation. I'm not sure I understand what you mean but you've got all my attention.
@af @bonfire yeah sorry I wasn't really clear... imo curating threads is a key topic in bonfire (and in social network in general I guess). Curate means a lot, and I guess the concept spans from adding specific features to improve the thread experience (like the possibility to add a title to the whole thread - so that is easier to understand a post scope when navigating the timeline, to sort the replies by most liked / recent / replied comments, to give the possibility to close a thread or vote the best answer (in that specific case when it is a meaningful action to do), to add backlinks to create a tree of relevant threads, etc).

But what if we include the possibility to add roles to users for threads? Eg. the thread moderator, the thread merger (which is responsible of cleaning the thread tree by merging together similar answers together), thread taxonomer (who is responsible of putting threads in their relevant topics), and so on

I guess somehow is about exploring the interconnections between social gardening , social networks and forums :)

uhm I feel i was more confused than before, let see if some more coffee helps 😅 😅 😅

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Feature request: arbitrary, federated vote to allow complex, online decision making, and prevent topics takeovers by rogue admins @BonfireBuilders #bonfire_feedback
on this regard, we had some initial chats with @douginamug about porting #ukuvota ( ukuvota.world/#/ ) as a bonfire extension, as we used and liked it quite a lot...

more about systemic consensus: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System...

Also more here: notes.zo.team/fediverse-soci...

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@ivan @vera Furthermore, offering user farming design, even if you opt-in, will very probably make Bonfire fuel this addiction. IMO, even if the current setup isn't perfect, offering infinite scrolling as opt-in is akin to asking "Do you want me to disinfect your cutter blades?".
@af what do you mean by "user farming design" ?
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@BonfireBuilders feature request, infinite scroll
we plan to add a configuration to switch between infinite scroll and load more button.

(Infinite scrolling is often considered a dark pattern, so it would be good to offer it as a conscious choice...)

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@BonfireBuilders How do I see who own a topic? I want to contribute but there's no meta as far as I can tell.
good point - we need to add that part - do you have any requirements in mind beside showing the team / permissions ?
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Trying to imagine a better way to navigate the #topic page and its contents.

The Topic page should ease the way of discovering / read about its main subject and navigate through sub topics.

Much improvements and neat features can be added, I tried to keep it simple to start the discussion.

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they share similarities, but the focus of topics is more about collecting and curating information to share with a broader scope (eg. all subscribed users) - think of it more as a "magazine" with its editorial team, or "channels" (like in several chat applications) but on steroids
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