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Trivio, Formia
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Erving Goffman's "Asylum" is an excellent reading on how not to implement a social media : the capitalistic ones are designed to turn into total institutions for their socially isolated users. I won't mince words to please do-gooders, cutting millions of people's time schedules to the bone of meals and 5 hours of sleep per night, lifting social activities, studies, work, and family life, is a crime against humanity.
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I feel like the deprecation of internet links and other internet-native rich formatting features like block quotes, as well as hidden or hard restrictions on characters length hollowing contents from their substance make me post with little motivation, increasing by contrast, unconsciously, the crave for the usual brain stimulation reward.

Nowadays I enjoy my mistakes because I feel like by taking them positively, as an opportunity to learn from them and to do better, I'm becoming more motivated about these things. It's a virtuous circle that attention economy corps have blocked for about a decade.

Bonfire doesn't have this problem.

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Every definition of "entrepreneur" I can find involves an (heroic) individual... but I don't want the future of co-operativism to depend in any way on that sort of romantic individualism.

I want co-operatives to, instead, develop collective modes of deliberation and consensus building, with as little institutionalization of power structures and as little reliance on charismatic personalities as possible.

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@vera There are a few examples in the screenshots on the blog post: https://bonfirenetworks.org/posts/introducing_boundaries/

Transcribing them here:

Example circles

  • Besties
  • In-laws
  • Trip mates

Example boundaries

  • Memes & lols
  • Summer '22 trip
  • It takes a village

One way to think about it is circle names are simply about what the people in them have in common, whilst boundary names should probably be more about what kind of content you'll share and what permissions you'll grant over it to whom (note that a boundary can contain multiple circles and individual users, granting different permissions to each).

So extending your example, I could imagine having:


  • Devs
  • Bonfire devs
  • Techies


  • Tech stuff (granting see/read/interact permissions to those 3 circles)
  • Coding resources (granting the same to the first 2 circles)
  • Bonfire collab (granting additional permissions to Bonfire devs circle, like the ability to edit and delete)
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We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art, and very often in our art, the art of words.
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A quick update: we're just about ready to release the first iteration of circles and boundaries, which you can read about here: bonfirenetworks.org/posts/in...

We deployed the update to the playground earlier but ran into a mysterious issue that didn't appear until now, so have rolled back to the previous version until we figure that one out. Wish us luck! 🤞