From a technical point of view, adding such info in feed views without impacting loading times to a...
Oomph I can imagine how difficult that is in a federated setting.! Maybe a balance can be found that just gives a rough sense of the "context size" of a post instead of being very exact about the whole thread metadata?
this makes a lot of sense, especially since our thread UX is not the flat standard one, when a user...
My sense is that commercial social networks have a high interest in providing minimal context. Minimal context increases engagement because users cannot figure out what has already been said in a discussion. Discussions most of the time look as if everything is still very "open" even if hundreds of messages already exist. The most "successful" posts on commercial social media work best without requiring any context. Such posts can be easily algorithmically processed, and presented to users at any time in any other context. Even the slightest improvement in that era would make bonfire stand out. The current nested thread view is already a great contribution.
I have a suggestion for Bonfire:

@BonfireBuilders #bonfire_feedback

Bonfire does a lot of great things with single posts:

  • show them in a "timeline" view as they occur
  • according to who I follow
  • according to what topics I follow
  • according to the instance I'm on
  • personal messages
  • show them in a threaded view highlighting semantic connections
  • according to filters, such as searches for tags, or taking into account blocked users

It is everything that you'd want, but also a bit much. In particular, after seeing the threaded view once, I'm always having the impression that I am missing something when looking at a post. Bonfire allows for quite a rich context for every post, but most views present single posts. They might be parts of threads that I haven't visited before and therefore might misinterpret. I have to click on every post to see it in thread view to understand if I'm indeed missing something.

It would be great if each post would feature some information about its context. For instance, it could show a mini-map of the thread, or display metadata like "part of a conversation started 2022-09-19, 4 participaring users, 34 messages (3 unread)"

If threads were more of a basic unit users would interact with (rather than single posts), it could also be possible to mute a thread. For instance when all your friends start to talk about some sporting event that you're not interested in or whatever.

Things like that could encourage better discussions, as in slower, less repetitive, more interaction with other thread participants.